I am an archaeological numismatist (coin specialist) based in the UK, providing expert services in the identification, analysis, interpretation, and publication of coins, tokens, jettons, and medals. I offer highly competitive rates with quick turnarounds.

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Identification – Analysis – Publication

I am an internationally-recognised authority in British numismatics, with more than a decade’s experience of working with tens of thousands of coins from archaeological sites and museum collections.

My work spans all periods from the Iron Age to the twentieth century, with previous projects including coins from high-profile sites like Denbigh Castle, Fulham Palace, and Saxon Lundenwic. I have an extensive track record of high-impact publication in academic and professional journals, and have presented talks in major conferences and lecture series in Britain, Italy, Poland, and Scandinavia.

This website outlines my professional services as a numismatist (coin specialist) for archaeological units and museum clients, as well as offering an overview of my academic research profile.

I welcome all enquiries, small or large, near or far. To discuss your requirements and request a quote, please get in touch.