This page provides an overview of my published writings. In addition to this material, I have authored a very large number of unpublished ‘grey literature’ reports on coin finds from archaeological excavations in Britain; a list of selected recent examples is available on request.


Coin hoarding in medieval England and Wales, c.973-1544. Behaviours, motivations, and mentalités. BAR British Series 651 (Oxford: BAR, 2019). [buy]

Book Chapters

(with Svein Harald Gullbekk) ‘Was Norway rich or poor in the year 1000?’, in From Hoard to Archive: Numismatic Discoveries from the Baltic Rim and Beyond. Studies in Honour of Ivar Leimus, ed. E. Russow, V. Dabolinš and V. Lang (Tartu: University of Tartu Press, 2023), 145-158. [pdf]

‘Money after Londinium: the Holy Family siliqua and related fifth-century coin finds from Greater London’, in Interpreting Early Medieval Coinage. Studies in Memory of Stewart Lyon, ed. M. Allen, R. Naismith, and H. Pagan (London: British Numismatic Society, 2022), 15-23.

‘Medieval engagements with the material past: some evidence from European coin hoards, AD c.1000–1500’, in Objects of the past in the past: investigating the significance of earlier artefacts in later contexts, ed. M.G. Knight, D. Boughton, and R.E. Wilkinson (Oxford: Archaeopress, 2019), 131-141. [pdf]

‘‘Noble, fair and fine’: Single finds of English gold coin from later medieval England and Wales’, in XV International Numismatic Congress Taormina 2015. Proceedings, Volume II, ed. M. Caccamo Caltabiano (Rome: Arbor Sapientiae Editore, 2017), 1040-1045. [pdf]

Journal Articles

Lejos de casa: a Latin American token from Victorian Warwickshire’, Token Corresponding Society Bulletin, 14:6 (2024), 229-231. [pdf]

‘Four early modern coin hoards from Norway’, Numismatic Chronicle, 183 (2023), 413-418.

‘A countermarked 19th-century Worcester penny token’, Token Corresponding Society Bulletin, 14:5 (2023), 176-177. [pdf]

(with Ron Bude) ‘The mints of Eadberht of Northumbria and Archbishop Ecgberht of York: new evidence from single finds’, British Numismatic Journal, 93 (2023), 15-25.

New light on old money: eleven ‘forgotten finds’ of Edwardian sterlings from England and Wales’, British Numismatic Journal, 93 (2023), 131-141.

(with Carl Savage) ‘‘Auri filati’ in medieval Britain?’, British Numismatic Journal, 93 (2023), 259-262.

‘A Civil War coin hoard from London’, British Numismatic Journal, 93 (2023), 262-264.

‘A post-medieval lead token mould from Evesham’, British Numismatic Journal, 93 (2023), 269-272.

(with Eleanor Ghey) ‘Coin Hoards 2023′, British Numismatic Journal, 93 (2023), 273-288.

‘Very curious and choice’: a possible hoard of seventeenth-century Evesham tokens in the collection of Rev. John Pearkes (d. 1787)’, Token Corresponding Society Bulletin, 14:4 (2023), 138-140. [pdf]

‘An eighteenth-century gold coin hoard from Chatham’, Archaeologia Cantiana, 144 (2023), 334-338.

(with Francesca Llewellyn and Kate Potter-Farrant) ‘New light on an old farm: test pit excavations at Hillgrove, Ombersley’, Worcestershire Recorder, 108 (2023), 11-16. [pdf]

‘Delftware tiles from Mealcheapen Street’, Worcestershire Recorder, 108 (2023), 17-18. [pdf]

‘Canadian tokens in 19th-century Britain and Ireland’, Token Corresponding Society Bulletin, 14:3 (2023), 111-112. [pdf]

‘Cult or contract? Cross mark graffiti in Worcestershire churches’, Worcestershire Recorder, 107 (2023), 8-10. [pdf]

(with Francesca Llewellyn) ‘‘The poor man’s bread’: the watercress trade in Victorian Worcestershire’, Worcestershire Recorder, 107 (2023), 15-18. [pdf]

‘Card tickets of the Worcester House of Industry’, Token Corresponding Society Bulletin, 14:2 (2023), 56-57. [pdf]

‘Two early nineteenth-century ‘small change’ hoards from Worcestershire’, Numismatic Chronicle, 182 (2022), 406-408.

‘Two eighteenth-century finds of Tudor coin hoards from Suffolk’, Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History, 45:2 (2022), 291-294.

‘Symbols of the Trinity? Triple-folded coins from medieval and Tudor England’, British Numismatic Journal, 92 (2022), 190-194.

‘A hoard of Elizabethan silver coins from St John in Bedwardine, Worcestershire’, British Numismatic Journal, 92 (2022), 194-196.

(with Eleanor Ghey) ‘Coin hoards from England, Scotland, and Wales 2022’, British Numismatic Journal, 92 (2022), 201-217.

‘Coinage and conquest: numismatic evidence for a Roman military presence at Worcester’, Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society, 3rd ser., 28 (2022), 51-59.

‘Coins’, in D. Williams and M. Wells, ‘Iron Age and Roman Settlement at Hazel Lane Quarry, Hampole, South Yorkshire’, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, 94 (2022), 27.

‘A Portuguese gold coin from Tudor Worcester’, Worcestershire Recorder, 106 (2022), 12-13. [pdf]

(with Kate Potter-Farrant) ‘Life and work in rural Worcestershire: investigations at Furnace Farm, Shelsley Walsh’, Worcestershire Recorder, 106 (2022), 16-19. [pdf]

‘Lost and found: a forgotten Civil War-era coin hoard from Mousehole’, Hampshire Field Club & Archaeological Society Newsletter, 78 (2022), 28-29.

‘Roman coins’, in A. Douglas, ‘Excavations at the Science Gallery, Boland House, Guy’s Hospital, Southwark’, Surrey Archaeological Collections, 104 (2022), 168-169. [pdf]

‘The Pirbright (1844) hoard of Elizabethan silver coins’, Surrey’s Past, 490 (2022), 12-13. [pdf]

‘The Machynlleth (1909) find of 18th- and 19th-century copper coins and tokens’, Token Corresponding Society Bulletin, 13:11 (2022), 534-536. [pdf]

‘Clay tobacco pipes from Astley’, Worcestershire Recorder, 105 (2022), 18-20. [pdf]

(with Richard Lloyd) ‘Archery practice or ritual practice? Late medieval groove marks at the church of St John in Bedwardine, Worcester’, Worcestershire Recorder, 105 (2022), 12-14. [pdf]

‘Coins’, in A. Douglas, ‘Roman quarries and burials, medieval and later development: excavations at Alderman’s House 117, 119, 121 Bishopsgate and 34-37 Liverpool Street, City of London, EC2’, Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, 72 (2021), 49-112.

(with Katie Anderson, Ruth Beveridge, David Starley, Kevin Rielly, and Kath Hunter Dowse) ‘An Early Iron Age watering hole and Later Roman roadside activity at Thrapston Road, Ellington’, Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 110 (2021), 61-70.

‘Three Tudor hoards containing continental gold coins’, British Numismatic Journal, 91 (2021), 115-125.

‘A hoard of coins of Henry I and Stephen from Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria’, British Numismatic Journal, 91 (2021), 199-200.

(with Eleanor Ghey) ‘Coin hoards from England, Scotland and Wales 2021’, British Numismatic Journal, 91 (2021), 211-223.

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(with Märit Gaimster) ‘Metal and small finds’, in N. Hawkins et al., ‘Green Street House, Tudor mansion to the iconic West Ham Football Club ‘the Boleyn Ground’, Transactions of the Essex Society for Archaeology & History 11 (2020), 87-130.

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‘An eighteenth-century find of a late medieval coin hoard from Hook, Kingston upon Thames’, Surrey Archaeological Society Bulletin, 474 (2019), 8-9. [pdf]

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(with Eleanor Ghey) ‘Coin hoards from the British Isles 2019’, British Numismatic Journal, 89 (2019), 239-267. [pdf]

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‘Newspapers and numismatics: forgotten medieval and Tudor coin finds from West Midlands periodicals, 1786-1905’, West Midlands Archaeology, 59 (2017), 21-34. [pdf]

‘Two hoards of late medieval English gold coins’, British Numismatic Journal, 87 (2017), 247-252. [pdf]

‘A votive from the Vale? A mutilated Roman coin from Badsey, Worcestershire’, Worcestershire Recorder, 93 (2016), 8-10. [pdf]

‘Roman coins from Willersey Barn in the Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum’, Glevensis, 48 (2015), 15-17. [pdf]

‘Kidderminster: a fourteenth-century coin hoard’, West Midlands Archaeology, 57 (2015), 113-114. [pdf]

‘Coins from the city – some new (old) finds from Worcester newspapers, 1820-1950’, Worcestershire Recorder, 90 (2014), 6-8. [pdf]

Magazine articles

‘Bloody Mary’s money’, Coin Collector Magazine, 11 (Summer 2021), 32-35.

‘Coins & currency under the Commonwealth of England’, Coin Collector Magazine, 10 (Spring 2021), 32-35.


‘Murray Andrews: Ny medarbeider på Myntkabinettet’, Norsk Numismatisk Tidsskrift, 3 (2023), 32-33.

‘Interview with Dr Murray Andrews’, Coin Collector Magazine, 9 (Winter 2020), 45.

Book and Exhibition Reviews

Review of Christopher Dyer, ‘Peasants Making History. Living in an English Region, 1200-1540’, Worcestershire Recorder, 108 (2023), 19-20.

Review of John Naylor & Eleanor Standley, ‘The Watlington Hoard: Coinage, kings and the Viking Great Army in Oxfordshire, AD 875-880’, Current Archaeology, 394 (January 2023), 51. [link]

Review of Richard Henry, ‘Hoards from Wiltshire’, British Numismatic Journal, 92 (2022), 244.

Review of Gerry Barnes & Tom Williamson, ‘English orchards: a landscape history’, Worcestershire Recorder, 106 (2022), 21.

Review of Rory Naismith, ‘Medieval European Coinage, with a Catalogue of the Coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. 8: Britain and Ireland c.400–1066’, Early Medieval Europe, 27:4 (2019), 607-609. [link]

Review of Martin Allen and Nicholas Mayhew, eds., ‘Money and its use in medieval Europe: three decades on. Essays in honour of Professor Peter Spufford’, Economic History Review, 71:3 (2018), 1004-1005. [link]

Review of John Naylor and Roger Bland, eds., ‘Hoarding and the deposition of metalwork from the Bronze Age to the 20th century: a British perspective’, Journal of Archaeological Numismatics, 7 (2017), 302-305.

Review of D. Sankey, ‘Stepney Green: moated manor house to city farm’, Church Archaeology, 18 (2017), 93. [link]

Review of ‘Defacing the past: damnation and desecration in imperial Rome’ (13 October 2016 – 7 May 2017, Money and Medals Network Newsletter, 69 (December 2016), 3. [pdf]

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Review of Richard Kelleher, ‘A history of medieval coinage in England’, British Numismatic Journal, 86 (2016), 277-278.

Review of Rory Naismith, Martin Allen, and Elina Screen, eds., ‘Early Medieval Monetary History. Studies in Memory of Mark Blackburn. (Studies in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland)’, Medieval Archaeology, 59:1 (2015), 350. [link]

Review of Anthony C. King, ‘Coins and Samian Ware’, Papers from the Institute of Archaeology, 24:1 (2014), 1-3. [link]