PRMC-L: Post-Roman and Medieval Coin Finds from London (2019-)

Despite centuries of professional and amateur fieldwork, post-Roman and medieval London is something of a numismatic black hole; published coin assemblages are few in number, and often small in size, and there is no overall synthesis of the data that might give an impression of the monetary development of England’s pre-eminent medieval city and its hinterland. This project seeks to ‘fill the gap’ by creating a detailed synthesis of post-Roman and medieval (AD c.410-1544) coin finds from Greater London, incorporating an up-to-date inventory of excavated, metal-detected, and chance-found single finds and hoards.

Funding for Phase 1 of this project has been generously provided by the British Numismatic Society’s John Casey Fund.

The Worcestershire Token Project (2016-)

The Worcestershire Token Project is an interdisciplinary research initiative exploring the seventeenth century token coinage of Worcestershire, a unique but neglected source of evidence for the economic, social, and cultural life of the county during the Civil War and its aftermath. The project draws together a vast body of numismatic, archaeological, and historical sources to cast new light on the county token series. [website]