New month, new publications!

The latest edition of the Surrey Archaeological Collections has just hit the shelves, and contains two offerings by me on excavation coins from the county.

The first is a publication of 55 Iron Age and Roman coins found during PCA excavations at the Nescot Site, Ewell, in 2015. Investigations at the site revealed an important Roman quarry complex on the edge of Stane Street, and provide significant new evidence for life and landscape in the southern hinterland of Roman Londinium.

The second is a short note on four Roman and post-medieval coins from PCA excavations at Staines High Street in 2017. This site was low-lying marginal land on the edge of a floodplain, and the coins help us date attempts to bring it into agricultural use during the Roman period.

Why not have a read? To purchase a copy, get in touch with the Society via their website.

For a full list of my publications to date, check out the ‘Publications’ page on this website.