New publication alert!

The latest Bulletin of the Token Corresponding Society is out now, and features an article I’ve written on an enigmatic series of countermarked coin tickets issued by ‘Massey’ of Abergavenny, Kidderminster, and Ludlow.

Countermarked wine ticket of Massey of Kidderminster
(Image © Murray Andrews)

Drawing on new historical and numismatic research, this article reassesses the series as a whole, providing new evidence for their dates and circumstances of production. Crucially, I argue that all three tickets were in fact issued by the same person: Thomas Massey (c.1750-1800), a travelling wine merchant active in the Welsh Marches during the late eighteenth century.  This conclusion reiterates the importance of coins, tokens, and tickets as communication media in the past. If countermarked coin tickets didn’t help advertise Massey’s business, it’s not clear why he’d bother to make them on three separate occasions!

If you want to learn more, why not give it a read? To purchase a copy, get in touch with the Society via their website.

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