Back in June I had the pleasure of speaking at the joint meeting of the Later Prehistoric Finds Group, Roman Finds Group, Finds Research Group, and Instrumentum, held at King’s College London. My paper, ‘Picking and choosing? Selection, retention, and value in medieval English and Welsh coin hoards, c.973-1544’, discussed the different considerations – economic, symbolic, emotional, and mnemonic – that influenced medieval hoarding practices, topics that are all addressed in my forthcoming book, Coin hoarding in medieval England and Wales, c.973-1544: Behaviours, motivations, and mentalités. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, and found it an excellent opportunity to discuss research across traditional period boundaries, and to emphasise the importance of coins as evidence for our medieval past. Rob Webley has written an excellent review of the conference in the Autumn 2019 edition of the Finds Research Group newsletter – featuring a picture of yours truly!

My name in print: October 2019 edition!